What a perfect day to post my first blog.  Today is the 103rd anniversary of Julia Child’s birth.  As everyone interested in food knows Julia Child was the first celebrity TV chef (on PBS) and brought the “Art of French Cooking” to North American Households.  She did not start cooking until she was 32 years old and attended the Cordon Blue in Paris at the age of 39.  She had a passion for food, eating and sharing that knowledge with everyone!

I am no Julia Child, but I do share her passions!  While I grew up cooking and baking, thanks to summers spent at my grandparents’ farm, at 39 years old, I left a career in health care administration and entered SAIT Baking and Pastry Arts Program. I have worked in a large hotel pastry kitchen; done a stage at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Provence; helped a new deli develop their dessert menu, where a local food critic called my carrot cake, “almost as good as his mom’s;” and taught cooking classes for children & adults. 

And now I have started Mona’s Table.  I have taken Julia’s advice to, “find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”  I love bringing friends and family around the table to share good food, laugh a little and make some memories, and this is what Mona’s Table is all about!

I hope you will follow this blog for some tips, tricks and recipes.  You will find tried and true recipes, a few lessons on the science of cooking and baking (I did get a Masters of Science degree before all this food stuff) and some ideas for planning that perfect gathering of your family and friends.  If you would like a little more help, please check out the services that Mona’s Table provides. 

Julia Child finished off each of her shows, with “Bon Appetit!”  I would like to sign-off using a toast I learned from my Ukrainian grandmother, “Dybosyia!”  It roughly translates to, “may we live forever.”  Although she is no longer here with us, she lives forever in our memories and in the smells and tastes of all the wonderful foods she taught us to make.